Monday, Sept. 29

Displacement/time graphs
Homework: Complete "Displacement vs Time Graph (a)"

Tuesday, Sept. 30

Velocity/time graphs
Homework: Complete both sides of "Displacement vs Time Graph (b)"
First Kinematics test on Friday

Wednesday, Oct. 1

Relative velocities
Homework: p. 110 #21-25
First Kinematics test on Friday

Thursday, Oct. 2

Review for test
Homework: Final graph sheet due tomorrow
First Kinematics test tomorrow

Friday, Oct. 3

First Kinematics test

Go over homework questions
Additional examples of combined motion (both acceleration and constant velocity)
Free falling objects, acceleration due to gravity
Homework: "Free Fall Problems" #1-6. Backside of "Free Fall Problems" sheet #1-8 to be handed in after the break.