Monday, May 13

AGM - No school
Homework: Lab due Thursday

Tuesday, May 14

Different types of waves and characteristics
Period, wavelength, frequency, velocity
Complete different types of waves
Speed of Electromagnetic waves
Crests, troughs, amplitude
Changing Media - Frequency and speed as wave moves from one medium to another
Homework: Waves worksheet # 1-10

Wednesday, May 15

Movement of points on a wave
Wave Fronts
In Phase
Interference and the Principle of Superposition
Homework: Wave Worksheet # 11-15, Multiple Choice Sheet (all but #5), 1st part of "Waves" Sheet

Thursday, May 16

Interference and the Principle of Superposition
Waves at boundaries
Demonstration of Waves with a slinky and other spring
Standing Waves
Homework: Two waves sheet with interference

Friday, May 17

Review Homework Questions
Constructive and destructive patterns
Homework: p. 341 #1-4, p. 349 #5-9, p. 362 #1-4

Interference examples:



Another destructive

Standing wave