Monday, May 28

Waves and Sound Test
Homework: Read through first four pages of light notes

Tuesday, May 29

Resonating tube examples
Open vs closed tubes
Fixed length vs fixed frequency resonance
Homework: p. 421 # 16-20, p. 427 #21-23, p. 444 # 46-47

Wednesday, May 30

Homework questions
Electromagnetic spectrum
Speed of electromagnetic radiation
Index of refraction
Snell's Law
Homework: p. 400 #7-9, p. 405 #10-11, p. 445 #56-57

Thursday, May 31

Total internal reflection
Critical angle
Dispersion of light
Homework: "Doppler Effect and Resonance Tubes Assignment" #4-8 (to be handed in), and "Refraction and Diffraction Questions" #1-8

Friday, Jun. 1

Resonance lab
Homework: See Thursday, and lab due next Tuesday